Connoisseur Range
Series 99 & 100

The advent of synthetics and the development of Prolene gave Pro Arte a major advance and provided artists with a more affordable alternative to pure sables. Whilst the financial savings were obvious, there was a slight downside. Pure synthetics, even with their incredible pointing capabilities and durability, did not have quite the ability to carry fluid as sables can. Pro Arte addressed this problem and found the missing factor...unsurprisingly, it was sable!

Pro Arte R&D worked for a long time adding and testing different amounts of sable to a synthetic brush. The exact ratio proved critical - and variable size for size. The good news was that a little goes a long way in large sizes and proportionally more can be added to small sizes which need an inverse ratio. This was fortuitous. With sable, being expensive, it meant we could afford to boost each brush size correctly on this formula without pricing any of them out of reach of those for whom cost is a consideration. 

Time has proved the Connoisseur range represents a fine achievement in the development of watercolour painting tools. Here you have the best of both worlds. You have big colour holding capabilities combined with sharp pointing and durability. It doesn’t come much closer to pure sable than that - except in the matter of price!

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